Dan Reeves



Dan is the only Manitoba airshow pilot certified by ICAS (International Council of Air Shows).

He holds an Arline Transport Pilot Licence and has accumulated over 12,000+ accident free  hours gained over 45 years of Commercial  flying.

Dan owns Winnipeg Aviation, a flight school located on the outskirts of Winnipeg, MB. where he is the Chief Fight Instructor and Class 1 Aerobatic Instructor.

Dan is available for airshows throughout Canada and the U.SA. as he holds a U.S. immigration performer work permit.

Flying the Super Decathlon, an aerobatic training aircraft, he demonstrates its capabilities and some of the manoeuvres he teaches to aspiring aerobatic students.

* As part of his community sharing philosophy, Dan will donate 10% of his performer fees to  the airshow producer's local charity or community group.


The Performance

A graceful flight routine set to  ethereal music which evokes the freedom and joy of flight.

It is a great show opener or perhaps a nice interlude between the  booming  high energy acts.

The aircraft and routine allow  the performance to always be kept in front of the crowd.


The Plane

American Champion Aircraft- 8KCAB Super Decathlon

Stressed for +6 to -5  G loads

Fully aerobatic

Inverted fuel and oil system

Airshow Smoke system

Commercially registered and maintained 

Rear seat for media or promotional rides